Apple WWDC 2021, Everything Announced: iOS 15, MacOS Monterey, Watch OS 8, and a whole bag of privacy updates

iOS Update


AirPods Expands Its Usability

iPad Gets Even Better

ipad os 15

iWatch Gets Smarter

iwatch os 8

Monterey On Board

macos monterey

Privacy Upgraded

tvOS 15 & HomeKit Updates

Tech Enhancements For The Developer Community

  • Updating Apps to Use Swift Concurrency: Swift also received a few updates. The developers can improve the application performance by refactoring the code. This can be advantageous for the asynchronous functions in Swift.
  • Concurrent Development:Developers can perform parallel development operations.
  • Mac App Development With SwiftUI: With the updates in the language, developers can easily develop engaging and pixel-perfect Mac apps using SwiftUI. This new update brings along a variety of UI elements including toolbars, sidebars and tables and other easy-to-incorporate elements.
  • Breathe Pixel-Perfect Graphics Into Your Applications: Make the most out of the SwiftUI and add breathtaking background materials, customize graphics, animations, and vibrancy.
  • Xcode Cloud For Data Encryption: This feature allows the developers to automatically build and test the applications with Xcode to verify the changes and create high-end applications.
  • CI/CD With Xcode Cloud: Xcode Cloud allows the developers to build apps and run automated tests in parallel. All this directly from the Xcode Cloud environment.
  • Review Your Xcode Cloud Workflows: Workflows are the configurations of Xcode Cloud to perform development operations. that defines when Xcode Cloud runs a workflow.
  • Xcode and macOS versions of the temporary build environment: You can configure several actions for a workflow. Developers can perform four different operations: build, analyze, test, and archive.

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