Feeling stuck? Unstuck Yourself. Nothing Is Wrong With You!

Nishi Agrawal
5 min readJul 28, 2021
The only person that can save you is you

A couple of months ago, I was working with an account manager and senior writer. She was a good lady, a good friend, but was extremely strict when it came to working. She had a dark past and had lost her father while she was just a student in high school. One day, I was unable to focus on work and saw her looking at me with a bland expression on her face. She waved at me and asked me. “What is bothering you? You’re always a happy face but I cannot see that happiness and smile on your face. What is wrong?”. I had no intentions to discuss my issues with her but then she rose from her seat and came towards me, grabbed my hand, and took me for a walk. I was like “I cannot be out during the work time. What if I am unable to compensate for my work hours?”. To my surprise, she said, “I am the team leader and I also take care of the attendance of my team members. You are with me and there is no need to worry. Open up and tell me what is troubling you right now.”

I said, “I am stuck in a situation and I cannot get out of it. I am feeling low!” Upon hearing this she offered me a cup of coffee and we had a long conversation where I told her about the thing that was bothering me.

This often happens and most of us feel helpless about the situation we are in. Sometimes, we get stuck in different situations for too long and fear that there is something wrong with us. Many times, we listen to wrong advice thinking it is the right one and blame ourselves for every wrong thing.

It does not have to be that way!

Everyone gets stuck and it totally depends on what YOU CAN do to GET YOURSELF UNSTUCK!

Here are the 5 ignored truths to Get Yourself Unstuck

1.The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

This is the number one culprit in making our lives miserable. When you see your peers getting married, getting promoted, owning luxurious cars, you think that the grass is greener on the other side. To be frank there is no other side. You might be thinking of getting married, owning a mansion with a beach view. Well, someone might just be looking for a job to feed an empty stomach. This is the naked truth. Life hits hard and when it does, we start blaming ourselves and think of successful people and their greener lawns. That greener grass on the other side is nothing but a psychological element of desire.

Meditate, work hard and smart, appreciate the work of your colleagues, and you will be surprised how greener your life can get!

2. I Don’t Quite Cut It

This is the eternally ignored truth. Most of us think that we are not 100% fit for the job. Let us go through a few lines that hit our emotional triggers and make us cancel that job posting page.

‘I am not 100% fit for this job. I do not have experience in using this tool and the job description demands hands-on experience. Let me just cancel this page and look for another job where I can be a 100% fit.’

I had the same thought process when I started working. But with time, I learned that nobody is a 100% perfect match. No resume is a 100% match and no candidate is perfect. The job descriptions can be real nightmares to people who think they are not 100% fit.

Just apply for the job anyway and get in touch with the recruiter/hiring manager. Throw a barrage of questions that showcase your interest. I strongly believe that your interest in a particular job makes you a close-to-perfect match.Talk to the recruiter, learn about the company values, how they work, and the business areas.

When stuck, remember, it is only you who can pull you out of the quicksand.

3. Expand Your Job Responsibilities

Sometimes, the skies are monotonously gray and clouds of boredom do not allow you to work.

Let’s say you are a senior recruiter with years of experience and someday you do not feel that vibe to work. The monotonous work eats out all the goodness in you. This is another quicksand where you get stuck and cannot focus on work.

Well, the company that you work at will not fire you or ask you to leave when you are stuck in such a situation. Of course, we are all business-minded but we all understand the importance of being happy at work.

When monotonous work attacks, shield yourself by helping your peers. Tutor your juniors and help them perform better. Talk to your boss about changing your daily roles and responsibilities. Putting smiles on multiple faces is the biggest motivation you will ever get. Your boss will be happy to see you taking the initiative and offering an extra hand to help your juniors or peers.

Result of this approach: You get unstuck and who knows you might be promoted as well!

4. Don’t Get Habituated To The Trial & Error Method

Life is real and you need to get real. When you think you have it all under control, life hits you hard with unmanageable challenges. Just think of an entrepreneur who has recently started his own online business. Money flies everywhere and life improves with every single penny coming in the bag. Starting a business is very easy, but maintaining it is the only difficult thing. When you feel stuck somewhere or are getting stuck again and again in the same place, you need to expand your perspective and wave goodbye to the Trial & Error method. Friends are always helpful but you need to stop listening to their success stories.

Why listen to a success story when you can offer the world, Your Very Own Perfect Success Story?? How cool does it sound? Get real and embrace the changes life throws at you.

You can only win battles with the Trial & Error method but you can’t win the war.

5. Don’t Be Too Antsy

Never ever get too antsy. There are times when people max out. Employees may leave the company after some years, you might want to transfer your skills to a new job for the best pay scale, create new goals in life and do different things.

Wait a sec!

Do you think you would be able to embrace the change? Do you have a bucket list? Have you achieved everything? How would your new goal affect you?

Do not rush into things. Life gets on our nerves only when we allow it.

If you have answers to the above questions, Get Yourself Unstuck and have a better life. Life is beautiful only when it is completely managed.

Positive psychology says that happiness comes from making others feel good, helping them!

The next time you feel stuck, or are knocked down, get back up and unstuck yourself. Sometimes you should follow your instincts and let go of what holds you back!



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