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The developer community knows that Python programming is becoming the mainstream. This programming language is one of the most popular ever and continues to disrupt many industries. Considering the plethora of use cases it has, makes it a highly preferred programming language amongst the developers.

It supports both functional and object-oriented programming approaches. From web development to deep learning and neural networking, its uses are on the rise. In this blog, we will walk you through 12 real-world use cases of Python where this language is making waves in 2021.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Top 12 Real-World Use Cases Of Python

Machine Learning Apps

Python, as compared to Java or C++, has a simpler syntax and is more preferred for developing machine learning applications and platforms. Python programming allows the developers to handle tremendously large amounts of data and makes it a better choice when developing machine learning applications.

Scipy and Numpy are the two libraries used for technical computing. Panda, a data manipulation tool, helps the developers with in-depth data analysis. Scikit is another tool that is used for building machine learning applications.


Artificial intelligence is probably the most interesting use case for Machine Learning and Python. This is because Python is powerful and stable enough to handle the computations that are required for developing Machine Learning models. With a suite of useful libraries, developers can write Machine Learning algorithms using the Python Language. The developers use Pandas, SciPy, TensorFlow, NumPy, Keras, and other libraries to develop ML applications.

Python programming also has several use cases in the AI space including data analytics, image recognition, text processing, advanced computing and many more. These are some evergreen areas that businesses can profit from.

OS Development

Python programming is paving the way for several operating systems. The Linux-based Ubiquity and Anaconda installers are coded in Python. Even Gentoo Linux leverages the Python package management system. Developers generally combine Python with the C language to develop different operating systems.

Web Scraping Applications

Python programming is pivotal for extracting tremendous amounts of data from websites and web pages. The data extracted is used in different operations including price comparison, R&D, job boards, marketing, market prediction, and many more. This data can be used in different industries to emphasize multiple verticals of the business.

These are some of the popular web scraping tools available:

  • MechanicalSoup
  • Scrapy
  • Python Requests
  • Selenium
  • Urllib
  • LXML

Web Development

Web development is an important pillar for most businesses and Python offers a plethora of development options. You can get access to Django, Bottle, Pyramid, and Flask for developing web frameworks and applications. Apart from that, you can also use powerful and advanced content management systems like Django CMS and Plone. These powerful frameworks are packed with modules and standard libraries that simplify the operations such as database interaction, content management and interfacing with protocols like XML, IMAP, POP, FTP and more.

Data Science & Solutions

Python plays a very important role in shaping data-driven companies such as Google, Spotify, DBS Bank, Netflix and a whole lot. The powerful search options in Netflix offers a unique experience with Python-driven data insights. Recommendations and suggestions are based on a recommendation system that is a powerful machine learning algorithm.

Scientific & Numeric Applications

Python plays a crucial role in numeric and scientific computing. It offers a supportive environment for applications that deal in scientific data processing and computation. Such applications include the finite element approach Abaqus FreeCAD (computer-aided designing).

Game Development

Python supports game development. Pygame is a developer-friendly library that enables developers to develop 2D and 3D games. Starting with Python is very easy and it allows the developers to leverage tons of libraries for quick prototyping.

Apart from game development, developers can also use Python for developing tools to simplify specific actions, design a dialog tree, environment designing, asset management, generate levels of detail (LODs) and support content in level. This powerful language can also export these actions in the game engine. Python supports the Unreal engine.

Language Development

Over several years, the module and design architecture of Python has paved the way for the development of new programming languages including Swift, Cobra, OCaml, CoffeeScript and many more. All these are powerful programming languages and share several similarities with Python such as syntax, indentation, and object model.

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things is another real-life use of Python for business. With Python programming, developers can turn any object into an electronic device with the help of Raspberry Pi. Using Raspberry Pi, developers can create embedded software that enables python programming on smaller objects that can work with powerful programming languages.

Raspberry Pi helps the developers to perform high-level computations and turn normal objects into electronics to design an environment of IoT. In larger industries, IoT is used to track inventory, movie and manage machines, track order processing, check the shipment status and fleet management.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications are poles apart from regular web applications. Enterprise-grade applications are designed to serve the big needs of the entire organization. These apps can sometimes be very complex with database handling requirements and security needs. Python programming can handle multiple database requests at a time. Considering its versatile nature, Python is used for scalability, functionality and readability.

Developers can easily leverage the libraries to develop different enterprise-grade applications. Tryton and Odoo are some of the popular enterprise application development tools that work in tandem with Python. Enterprise applications are the most significant uses of Python for business in 2021.


Ed Tech is another industry powered by Python programming. Online courses, programs, quizzes, and interactive content are a few elements that are developed using Python. This programming language is beginner-friendly and offers tons of helpful features with a simple learning curve. The syntax of this powerful language is very similar to English and due to this, it finds yet another real-world case in the Ed Tech market. Python programming is used to develop education programs, interactive quizzes, and training courses.

Due to the high scalability and compatibility with Machine Learning, Python can offer tons of useful features to design events and decision-based gamification for modern learners.

Final Words

Tons of libraries, high scalability and powerful architecture are some reasons why Python is growing at a supersonic speed. Apart from these elements, dynamic typing, built-in data structures, frameworks, powerful libraries, and huge community support are a few other pillars that make Python programming the developers’ choice for developing some of the best applications in the evolving marketplace.

Python can handle tons of data requests at a time and this feature makes it useful for all kinds of app development. From enterprise apps to AR VR gaming projects and IoT, Python programming is the key to unlocking potential business horizons and is making huge waves in 2021. At DRC Systems, we are on a mission to fast-track your idea in the digital era using Python. Contact us right away to know how our dedicated Python developers and domain specialists can digitally transform your business.



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