Top 10 Proven Tactics to Increase Employee Experience

Nishi Agrawal
5 min readMay 24, 2021

Employee experience is one of the important aspects of the human resources department. During these tough times in the wake of the pandemic, organisations and firms are implementing employee engagement programs to improve efficiency at work. Focusing on Employee Experience is important as it increases the customer experience and improves performance of the organisation. Companies across the globe both SMEs and large enterprises are recognising this correlation and are trying to have more productivity and happy work environment during these ill hours.

2021 has forced companies and businesses to take holistic approaches to improve the workforce by adopting a few policies. These policies are aimed at optimising employee well-being. Although quite challenging, this approach is very essential for businesses who want to rise in a post-COVID-19 marketplace. Today, almost all businesses are ensuring that their employees get all the resources and facilities they need to be happy at work. This empowers them to deliver their best performance and excellent customer service.

But wait! What exactly is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the study of how emotionally invested your employees are in your organisation. An engaged employee is focused on the WANTS of the company rather than focusing on the paycheck.

Every employee is different and has different objectives in the organisation. Employee experience can be improved by taking care of their requirements. In this article, we will check some of the best tactics to better engage your employees and help them stay happy at work. Let’s discuss some tools, tactics, and methodologies to improve EX.

Top 10 Proven Tactics To Increase EX Through Tech

Artificial Intelligence

These days, AI is being used to make employees quicker and act smarter at work. This technology provides them with analytics tools that facilitate active listening and prediction. Incorporating AI helps HR see the potential issues so the employees can be easily reached out directly for concrete information on how to assist them better.

VR-Based Learning & Training

By combining VR with AI, organizations can provide their employees with powerful interfaces that can maximize employee skill learning per hour of training. As a result, businesses can expect more performance and effective training sessions. On top of that, Virtual Reality is gaining traction for modern businesses.

Analyze & Deploy Business App Portfolio

Employee experience is also influenced by the business applications they use. Properly analyzing the right business applications, deploying the right apps that increase their performance, and adopting a productive business environment has a huge impact on how the employees function. Your employees might use several apps, selecting and deploying the business app portfolio is quite important for your organization.

Teamwork Enhancement

Teamwork tools are more popular and they play a vital role in improving how employees connect for business meetings and group discussions. Slack, Microsoft teams and SAP Jam, Skype, Hangouts are a few interactive tools and channels where employees can connect for business discussions and crack some banter as well.

Employee Engagement Software

Collecting the feedback of an employee and evaluating it over time to quantify the experience helps to determine the requirements and steps needed to improve the performance. This may involve gathering data on value opportunities, recently implemented policy and statistics regarding the current environment.

Self-service Capabilities In Different Teams

Self-service capabilities in different teams save tons of hours provided the applications are easy to use. Lack of usage leads to data integrity issues and this provokes the employees to look for workarounds that just redistribute the workload somewhere else. Employees can easily access the system on mobile devices and this creates easy wins.

Mobile Learning

Modern employees are highly complicated and live multifaceted lives. The learners should have access to content to complete their courses at a time and at a pace that suits their convenience. This links to mobile learning and organizations should use this flexible training method to increase flexible working practices. Modern employees are mobile and this is the reason why you should invest in mobile learning. Apart from flexibility, online mobile eLearning courses save travel costs too.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Recognition

Smart organizations are implementing Peer-to-Peer recognition to recognize their best performers. This not only boosts employee morale but also eliminates the employee turnaround. This method also works for the employees that are not happy with the authority. Such employees should get complete support from their peers and seniors. This not only increases employee engagement but also restores the balance in the organizational hierarchy.

Gamify The Environment

Gamification makes everyday training more engaging and compelling. Implementing this technology boosts employee participation rates in the eLearning courses and MOOC. This approach not only increases employee engagement but also makes online learning everyone’s cup of tea. Your employees have a hidden desire to compete and gamification provides a fun way of doing so. There is no better way of seeing your employees going around and comparing one another in a healthy competitive environment, than gamifying the work environment.

Employee Empowerment

Providing the employees with creative freedom, autonomy and digital platforms to do their best at work is to give them all they need for a fulfilling experience. As policy and culture decisions influence artistic freedom and autonomy, providing the employees with the resources they need to perform better achieves organizational goals and keeps their morale high.

Bonus Point

Encourage Collaborative Working

Organizations should use technology to encourage their employees to work and train virtually with one another. Having a virtual workforce eliminates overheads, and shows that you trust your employees to work remotely. This not only makes them happy about working with you but also makes them feel valued.

These are a few important tools you should facilitate your employees with.

File Sharing

File sharing is another approach to exchange data. Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud storage options are inexpensive and come with a user-friendly interface. Let your employees communicate the information nicely and back up their data on the cloud.


With Wiki, you can create resources where your employees can easily find all the information they require. Wiki pages help your employee stay on the same page and keeps them updated with the right information.

Org & PM Tools

Project management tools like Jira, Asana and Basecamp let your employees create, manage and delegate tasks and perform other operations. Your employees can have conversations and chats between these tasks. These organization management tools make project management a lot easier and increase employee productivity.

Forums & Whiteboards

Use forums and shared whiteboards to let your employees share their ideas and work together in a transparent collaborative environment. Slack is a wonderful tool you should have for your employees. Employees can easily share files, documents, chat with each other in channels and groups, have brainstorm sessions, and compare notes using this powerful yet easy-to-use tool.


Businesses are experimenting and implementing a system of operation that not only improves productivity but also reliance. Apart from that, it also offers more flexible ways of working. Implement these tactics to have higher employee engagement. Your main focus should be on increasing flexibility to allow your employees to use technology and have a more productive environment. Employee engagement is very important in a business-centric environment where employees feel valued and respected.



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