Top 11 Reasons To Implement AR VR In Your eCommerce Business

Nishi Agrawal
5 min readAug 13, 2021


The pandemic is forcing the online retail business to evolve and get better. Customers and shoppers are limited to their homes as Internet shopping has become the new norm. Extended Augmented Reality innovations are assisting the customers with the best online shopping experiences.

With the social distancing standards rising, shoppers are getting more hesitant to visit offline stores. Social distancing is influencing retailers and business owners in every industry. Individuals now have more leisure time and can invest this shopping energy on the web. In short, more and more customers are interested in online shopping.

With the implementation of AR innovation, shoppers can utilise their smart devices to experience an item that resembles the ones they see in their homes.

11 Ways By Which AR VR Improves Your Return On Investment

In-Store Route

Retailers need to include less actual contact in the current conditions. After a long emergency, shoppers are ready to embrace the modern shopping experience. By effectively utilising the AR innovation to work in the in-store route, you can assist your customers and lessen the time spent in the store. Getting their hands on a particular product offers the best experience.

Improved Customer Experience

AR innovation helps the customers remain on the website for longer hours. When customers begin experiencing items by utilising the innovation, they get overwhelmed to buy the items. Modern shoppers foster closer connections with online products. This close connection with the products improves customer commitment and transformation of the stage.

Reduction In Pre-Purchase Anxiety

Big retail players dealing in expensive products like furniture and jewelry have never seen such success in eCommerce as the retailers of the less expensive goods. 3D images, on the other hand, are used in augmented reality apps. These offer the best shopping experience to modern customers and eliminate the anxiety that keeps them from hitting the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Improved Shopping Confidence

Customers are facing a confidence crisis to make good online buying decisions. An interactive 3D environment cuts through the clutter and shows the modern shoppers what they exactly need. As a result, this boosts their confidence and matches their specific requirements.

Streamlining The Offline-Online Continuum

Brands that maintain both offline and online presence often struggle to create a unified customer experience across different channels. 3D products make the entire process easy by enabling an online shopping experience that offers an in-store shopping experience.

Brand Awareness & Loyalty

If your eCommerce platform is in the B2C space, you will face huge competition. While advanced SEO is a must to grab the clients’ attention, visitors return to your eStore only if you have something unique to offer. AR plays its part very well and offers more to the users. As a result, the users enjoy a fantastic virtual trial experience before they buy the products.

Improved Conversion Rates & Increased Client Engagement

AR/VR innovation helps the users stay on the website for longer. An AR-powered website or application enables the customers to try the product before buying it. This boosts client engagement and increases the conversion rates of your business.

Smart Navigation Through AR-Based App

AR innovation helps modern customers by offering navigation assistance inside the stores. This helps them avoid getting lost while traversing the bottomless aisles to different product departments. Smart navigation offers an excellent shopping experience to the customers.

Unlimited Product Trials

AR-based applications can offer a step-wise guide and an easy-to-navigate manual that has built-in features for the customers. Customized apps help retailers eliminate any potential risks linked with the product by giving the details first-hand to the customers. Unlimited product trials reduce the buying time.

AR Gamification To Increase Customer Engagement

Gamification is not a new element but does wonders when clubbed with AR and shopping. AR games can enable mobile applications to incentivize and reward the customers with coupons, special discounts, and vouchers for their brand after they finish the entire game.

Pros Of AR/VR To Increase Your eCommerce Business ROI

Accelerates The Buying Decision

Manual product trials can be tiring and time-consuming as well. But with virtual product trials and 3D innovation, all the customers can find out the products that best fit their specific requirements.

Grows Brand Awareness

AR and VR innovation helps expand the brand awareness of a company to a new audience. Customized mobile apps with immersive AR features to aid the provision of a unique customer experience. Furthermore, AR innovation fosters close interaction between the product and the customers. Quick product trial results in quick feedback from the customers which improves brand awareness.

Eliminates Language barriers

With a legion of languages in different parts of the world, users from different cultures may face trouble buying at places that involve verbal communication with people. Through AR VR innovation, customers can integrate foreign languages and start buying.

Improves ROI

Augmented reality is a modern technology that keeps adjusting to the dynamics of the ever-changing market. An eCommerce retailer with AR/VR-based applications will grab more attention and bag more profits in comparison to apps with no such innovation in place.

Improved Shopping Experience

Irrespective of the online or offline shopping experience, as a retailer, you should provide intuitive buying methods to customers so they can return to your store. AR/VR applications are helping retailers to grab big chunks of customers with an immersive in-store experience like virtual mirrors, unlimited product trials, quick returns, experience large product catalogs, and more.

All In All

AR VR is prevalent across different industries and markets. Technologies like IoT, AR/VR, Blockchain, and 5G will offer refined use cases. AR/VR mobile applications are imperative assets for sustenance and growth in the retail sector.

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