Top 15 UI/UX Design Trends That Are Making Waves In 2021

Nishi Agrawal
5 min readNov 22, 2021

The pandemic has changed the way we pay our bills, perform banking transactions, and shop online. It has changed the digital landscapes of several companies and continues to shake up the verticals of technology and user interface design.

As the world is moving a mile a minute, it is becoming more important to offer unique experiences to customers, vendors, stakeholders and clients. Virtual and remote working culture dawned with a roller coaster of 2020 and this has seen a drastic change in the UI/UX design trends throughout the year.

UI/UX continues to offer ultimate experiences and 2021 is no different. It is quite important to stay informed about these constantly changing design trends. Let’s have a look at the top 15 UI UX design trends of 2021 and beyond.

15 UI UX Design Trends That are Disrupting The Market

Unique Illustrations & Animations

Hand-drawn or digital, 2D and 3D forms of custom illustrations with huge asymmetry help platforms stand out from the generic lot. These unique illustrations and animations create a friendly and inviting environment that ensures the best user experience. Illustrations come to life with complex motion design and animation.

This combo makes it even easier to grab users’ attention and explain what the brand has in store for them. An appealing illustration can give mobile apps and websites a unique personality.

Scroll-Triggered Animation and Storytelling

A unique typography can build a strong visual hierarchy. It is an extremely important element of UI/UX design and plays a vital role in creating excellent user experiences.

Text styling is one of the most important elements of UI UX design and will continue to hold its ground for years to come. While the content and style capture the users’ attention, the narrative element engages them with a brand. This makes them feel as if they are part of the story.

Artificial Intelligence

The capability of Artificial Intelligence to collect huge chunks of data will help in developing more personalised products that are custom-tailored to every individual’s requirements. There are several powerful software that can leverage AI to develop artificial human image files. AI can be utilised to create digital photos or artificial identities on demand without having to worry about infringement claims or copyright issues. The best example of AI is Google Smart Reply and Smart Compose tools in Gmail.

Augmented Reality

Google’s ARCore and Apple’s AEKit AR development platforms can smoothly blend physical and digital worlds. Augmented Reality UI can have multiple approaches.

  • Real-world objects that have tethered interaction.
  • Switch to screen space where the user has to position the camera in a certain way.

Apple Glasses, AR gadgets and smart helmets let the users think through the context and improve the experience.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is continuously owning a huge share of 2021 and the VR headsets are bringing even more excitement to the gaming audience. VR is paving its way into modern education, shopping and will change the food delivery industry in a post-pandemic world.

Abstract Geometry

Abstract lines with shapes, angles, and art is a popular style that is becoming more popular because of its free-flowing counterpart expressed through different colors and combinations of different elements.

Intricate yet powerful, abstract and geometry is pleasant to eyes, refreshing and attractive as well. This art design takes 1D drawings and enhances them with colors to create an expressive look that improves the user experience. The collocation of fun and engagement is reflected in this trendy design. Abstract Geometry is a powerful UI UX design trend in 2021.

Glass Morphism

The glassy shades and translucent elements provide a well-defined hierarchy on any interface. These elements mimic depth that helps the users to differentiate between the front and back of the screen. The new macOS Big Sur has implemented this style and gained quite a hype.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice User Interfaces are taking over and have become one of the most important elements of UI design. These are creating a new way to interact with our phones and other smart devices through voice commands.

The best examples of VUIs are Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa. Smart answering machines and VUIs are a result of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Voice User Interface is a big shot in 2021 and bags a place in the UI UX design trends.

3D Imagery

3D imagery is another UI UX design trend in 2021 as it’s getting easier for UI/UX designers to build 3D elements. 3D imagery creates pleasing designs from the realistic photographs that we see on our screens every day. Many companies often add stunning 2D and 3D images to create depths that bring out more details than normal photographs.

Dark Mode

The Dark Mode was never out of style. The look is modern, stylish and plays an important role in the user experience. Dark Mode is better in the readability of text, saves device battery, reduces screen glare and stress on the eyes. Dark mode is the new light in 2021.


Combining flat design and skeuomorphism, Neomorphism is a visual style that deals with a combination of different colours, shapes, shadows, and gradients to improve the graphic intensity of the user interface elements. This trend is beautiful and futuristic in terms of design and has a huge impact in 2021.

Advanced Micro-Interactions

Micro Interactions exist in every software and we do it every time we navigate through an app. The Like feature of LinkedIn, Retweet feature of Twitter are perfect examples of micro-interaction. Touchless controls and gestures open doors to opportunities for a more intuitive experience. We will see more of these interactions in 2021 and beyond.

Bold Typography

Bold typography makes a return in the landing pages and microsites. Standing out from the surroundings, it demands to be read which results in action-oriented selling or marketing when blended with powerful CTAs. Popular websites and businesses are adopting this UI UX design trend.

Ink Trap Fonts

An Ink Trap Font is a feature of certain typefaces that are designed for small size printing. In an ink trap font, the corners are removed from the letterforms. When printed, the ink naturally spreads into the removed area and creates crisp edges.

UX Writing & Microcopy

UX writing and microcopies can go a long way in building a friendly experience. Specific UX content and conversational microcopies can build brands from scratch and offer the best UX to audiences. Content continues to own the throne in 2021.

Creating A Great Last Impression

An updated design gives your customers a feel of personalization and freshness which is extremely important in the constantly changing market. As an IT enterprise, DRC Systems houses a team of UI UX designers proficient enough to handle your specific requirements.

Our domain knowledge and years of expertise, give us the advantage to offer the best User Experience to our clients and their customers. From blending in the colours to designing a customised template and offering the best User Experience, we deliver great results. Connect with DRC Systems today for a peerless experience.



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