What is Multi Domain Wildcard SSL And What is Use of It?

Nishi Agrawal
3 min readMar 4, 2020

The Multiple Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate secures an infinite number of sub-domains under multiple domains, is one of the most special certificates in the SSL industry. To businesses with many domain names on the same server, the Multidomain Wildcard SSL certificate allows you to encrypt any domain name or common name and all its sub domains with only one certificate. This is an excellent choice. As a cost-effective option, a Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL helps simplify security management through the aggregation of sub-domains on a single certification.

A Multiple Domain Wildcard SSL is available with two types of validation: organization validation and domain validation. The installation is very cost effective and easy. Generally, the validation can be done in just a few minutes.

The process for creating a Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificate is simple. Depending on the vendor purchased from (I would recommend to check out https://thesslonline.com to know pricing), one Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificate will protect up to 250 domains. No matter which provider, a rule must be followed to obtain a certificate: the CSR must have a non-wildcard domain for the multi-domain wildcard to act as the common name. You may add additional domains or SANs.

Who can install a Multi-Domain Wildcard certificate?

A Multi domain wildcard certificate supports both validation of a domain and validation of a business whether you have a few simple sites that need encryption, or you are a medium-sized enterprise with a large website network, Multi-Domain Wildcard certificates are an ideal SSL solution for your projects.

Multi-domain wildcard SSL products are the most flexible digital certificates in the industry and deliver many web security benefits. With amazing bonuses, each Multi-Domain Wildcard cert enhances certain areas of your pages. Here are the main features and specifications of certificate:


  • SAN option enabled
  • Save time and money by securing unlimited sub-domains with single certificate
  • Unlimited Re-Issuance Policy
  • Full Business Validation
  • Licensed for unlimited sub-domains on an unlimited number of physical servers
  • Trusted by 99.9% major browsers and mobile devices
  • 2048-bit digital signatures and encryption strength up to 256-bit — Highest level of SSL security


Like all SSL Certificates, Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificates have specific things they cannot be used for. These include:

  • This certificate is not ideal if you do not want separate domains to be related on one certificate.
  • This certificate does not automatically secure the non-www versions of the Wildcard domains.
  • This certificate will not cover the Wildcard version of the Common Name unless specifically requested.

If you’re needing to secure the Wildcard version of the Common Name, you can do so by adding an additional SAN.

If you ever need to remove or add on another domain, you can do so at any point of your certificate’s validity period by reissuing the certificate.

Concluding Words:

A Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate — the ultimate solution for the business who manage multiple sites, each with various sub domains. This certificate will make your life easier as there is no need to manage all the certificates separately and it’s also advantageous in terms of its cost.



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