Which Type of Apps can you Build in Python?

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For many years, technology has been going through complete makeovers and this has been changing our lives. As a result, smartphones, computer systems, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies have made our lives easier. To utilize these technologies, we have access to different programs and applications that are developed using different programming languages. Python is one such powerful programming language.

Python is a pretty popular programming language among developers. It is considered as one of the top programming languages that can beat the original coding language JAVA. This language has facilitated the whole mobile application development process to a great extent and has become popular in the developer community.

Let’s take the journey of knowledge and learn why Python app development is popular and what type of applications can be developed using this programming language. But first, let us first learn about Python.

What Exactly Is Python?

So what is Python you ask? Python is an object-oriented high-level programming language with an incredible built-in data structure. These data structures are combined with dynamic typing and binding features to render hassle-free app development. Python acts as a glue language that fuses several components.

It is a well-known programming language and is quite popular among developers for its easy-to-learn syntax that reduces the expenses incurred in the program maintenance. It also offers several modules and packages that promote code reusability. On top of that, it completely favors cross-platform app development, making it ideal for any mobile app development.

Saying that Python is quite popular would not suffice. Let us have a look at the features that play a vital role in skyrocketing its popularity.

Why Is Python So Popular?


IDLE stands for Integrated Development and Learning Environment. This environment allows developers to create Python code. It is used to create a single statement that can be used to execute Python scripts.


Django is the open-source Python framework that streamlines web app development activities by providing access to different features. This feature helps the developers to create complex codes effectively.

Understable & Readable Code

One of the most important features of Python is syntax. The rules of the syntax enable the developers to express the concepts without writing any additional code. It makes complex things look simple and this is why Python is deemed suitable for beginners to learn and understand.

Apart from that, Python is the only language that focuses on code readability which allows the developers to use English words instead of punctuations. All these factors make Python the perfect programming suite for mobile app development. The codebase constantly helps the developers update the software without any effort.

It Is Faster

In the Python environment, programs are added to the interpreter that runs them directly. It is extremely easy to code and get your hands on the feedback. With Python, you can easily finish and execute your programs quickly. This improves the time-to-market as well.

High Compatibility

Python supports almost every operating system including Windows, iOS, and Android. You can use Python to use and run the code across different platforms. With Python, you can also run the same code without the need for recompilation.

Test-Driven Development

With Python app development, you can easily create prototypes of software applications. In a Python environment, coding and testing can go hand in hand, thanks to the ‘Test-Driven Development’.

Powerful Library

Python has a robust suite of libraries that gives it an edge over the other languages. The standard library allows you to select the modules from a wide range of requirements. With each module, you can easily add multiple functionalities to the process. All this without any extra coding.

Supports Big Data

Big data is one emerging technology Python supports. Python houses several libraries to work on Big Data. Additionally, it is easier to code with Python for Big data projects as compared to other programming languages.

Supportive Community

Another important element that increases the popularity of Python is its community support. Python has a very active community of developers and SMEs that provides guides, videos, and learning material for a better understanding of the language.

What Type of Apps Can You Build Using Python?

Blockchain Applications

Blockchain is one of the paramount features of technological advancements. It has revolutionized the functionalities of apps and how they perform. Fusing the essentials of blockchain app development was a challenging task in the past. However, since the inception of Python, things have become simpler in this regard.

The methodology of Blockchain app development is tricky but the simplicity of Python makes it less complex. Python houses a suite of frameworks to help the developers with HTTP requests. Developers can now easily employ these complex requests to establish an online connection with Blockchain and create endpoints. Apart from that, and different frameworks of Python also play an important role in creating a decentralized network of scripts on multiple machines.

Command-Line Applications

Command-line apps are control programs that operate from a command line. Both console and command-line apps work without a GUI. The correct evaluation of language helps the developers to discover new ways to use the command-line language.

Python offers the ‘Read Eval-Print-Loop’ feature popularly known as Python’s REPL feature. This particular feature helps the developers with the proper evaluation of command-line languages so they can create new possibilities in app development. Furthermore, Python is fully loaded with libraries that help in performing other tasks effectively.

Audio & Video Applications

Python app development helps in creating music and other types of audio and video apps. Python libraries like PyDub and OpenCV help the developers to successfully create an audio-video application. The video search engine, Youtube, was created using Python. This language is quite effective when it comes to delivering powerful applications with high performance.

Game Development

HD games such as Battlefield 2, EVE Online and a few other popular titles have been created using Python. Python offers the developers the facilities and environment to rapidly create a game prototype that can be tested in real-time. On top of that, this powerful programming language is also used to create game designing tools that assist in several tasks of the game development process.

System Administration Applications

Python is deemed fit for creating complex system administration applications as it allows the developers to communicate with the operating system through the OS. It also enables the developers to connect with the operating system through an interface the language is running on. This powerful language makes all the operating system operations accessible.

Machine Learning Applications

After Blockchain, and Big Data, the inspiring trend of this decade is Machine Learning and the developers can create ML apps using Python libraries. The libraries like Pandas and Scikit for machine learning are available in the marketplace for free. The commercial version can be obtained under a GNU license.

Natural Language Programming is a branch of machine learning that enables a system to analyze, manipulate and understand the human language. Developers can create NLP apps using Python libraries.

Business Applications

Python is quite versatile when it comes to app development. It also assists with ERP, eCommerce and other enterprise-grade app solutions. Odoo is a management software that is written in Python and offers a huge range of business apps. Enterprises have adopted Python for their business solutions.

Python offers a variety of development environments to create business apps. PyCharm is one of the best IDEs for Python that quickly installs on Windows, Mac OSX and other platforms. Developers can easily use this IDE to create avant-garde business apps.

Final Words

Down the road, we can say that Python app development is really fast and super flexible. Developers love this programming language because of the premium suite of features it offers. It is possible to create various types of apps, thanks to the versatile nature of Python app development. If you have a business idea and are looking for Python experts, we at DRC Systems would love to lend a helping hand. Hire dedicated Python developers and get in touch with us for all your Python needs!



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