Why Is Python The Best Programming Language For ML?

Nishi Agrawal
6 min readJun 2, 2021

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the new revolutions in the IT industry. Developers are expanding the capabilities of the artificial intellect. Today Machine learning has become quite a necessity and it is being adopted by several businesses because of the advantages and features it offers. Artificial Intelligence helps to manage operations that cannot be done manually due to the increasing volumes.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that is focused on developing applications that learn from data and improve their accuracy over time without being programmed. In machine learning, the algorithms are trained to analyze the patterns and features in quite huge amounts of data. This is done to make decisions and predictions on the new data. The better the algorithm, the more accurate are the decisions and predictions.

Challenges Faced By Machine Learning

Although Machine Learning is making significant changes within cybersecurity and automation, there is a huge unexplored spectrum. This is all because ML has not yet overcome several challenges that still stand in the way of progress. Let us check out a few challenges.

Memory Augmented Neural Networks

These augmented neural networks still require large working memory to store the data. These neural networks need to hook up with a memory block that can be written and read by the network.

Natural language processing (NLP)

Even after investing a lot of time, there is a large portion that is still untouched. We still have a long way to go to achieve natural language processing and understanding of the language. This is a huge challenge for deep networks. At the moment, the tech experts are training machines to represent the languages and simulate reasoning based on the data fed. The results are consistently poor.

Video Training

Businesses are yet to utilize the full potential of video training data. They still rely on static images. To enable the ML to work better on video training, there is a strong requirement of learning by listening and observing. The video data sets are much richer than the static images. Machines still have a long way to go when it comes to learning and listening.

Object Detection

Object detection is hard for the algorithms to correctly identify the obstruction as ML lacks localization and classification. The best way to resolve these issues is to invest more resources and time. Industry experts are yet to deploy the required quality solutions to detect obstructions.

One-Shot Learning

While there are applications that process neural networks and deep learning, the experts are yet to achieve one-shot learning. The traditional gradient-based networks require huge amounts of data to learn and this data is usually in the form of iterative learning. Employing the ideas from machine learning in the form of attention mechanisms and embeddings is quite difficult.

Why Is Python The Best Programming Language For ML?

ML projects differ from traditional business projects. The main difference lies in the technology stack and the skill set that is required for such a complex project. To cater to your business requirements, you must use a programming language that is not only stable but also offers you the required tools to work with. Python offers everything and that is why it is the most talked-about language.

From development to deployment and maintenance, Python helps the developers to increase their productivity in software development. Apart from that, Python also offers a super-wide spectrum of benefits.

  • Simple to understand and comprehend
  • Tons of flexibility
  • Platform independence
  • Support of a huge community

Let us now dive deep and learn why Python is the best programming language for ML.

Simple To Understand & Consistent

Python offers code that is readable and easy to understand. Instead of having punctuations and signs, it offers simplicity that enables the developers to write reliable programs. Using this language, the developers can put all their efforts into developing a solution for an ML project. This programming language allows them to focus more on the project requirements rather than the technical nuances.

Most of the programmers find Python more intuitive than other programming languages. According to the developer community, Python is more intuitive than other programming languages. Python is quite suitable for collaboration when multiple developers are involved. As it is a general-purpose language, it is capable of performing a set of complex machine tasks that enable the developers to build prototypes quickly.

Extensive Libraries

Implementing the ML algorithms is tricky and requires a lot of time. It is quite important to have a well-structured and well-tested environment to allow the developers to come up with the best coding solutions. Many libraries can be used to reduce the coding time and save tons of development hours. Python has a rich set of tech -stack that includes extensive libraries. Let’s check out these libraries.

  • Scikit-learn TensorFlow, and Keras for machine learning
  • Pandas for general computing
  • NumPy for computing data analysis
  • SciPy for advanced computing
  • Seaborn for advanced data visualization

With these libraries and solutions, you can develop your product and launch it faster in the marketplace.


One of the key aspects of Python development is the object-oriented approach. Python recognizes the concept of object encapsulation and polymorphism. This object-oriented approach allows the programs to be efficient in the long run.

Integrated By Nature

Python is an integrated language and this allows the developers to execute codes one at a time. Code compilation is not required by Python and this makes the process much easier and effective. Python code can be easily and immediately converted Python code is immediately converted into byte-sized code that saves runtime in the long run.


Running Python on different platforms simultaneously is quite a seamless experience. Python offers you complete portability in switching from one platform to another without changing the code. This feature makes it one of the highly preferred programming languages in the world.

Powerful IDE

IDLE (Integrated Development & Learning Environment)is a powerful IDE that is dedicated to software development. This environment offers a bundle of tools and utilities to work with. You get access to a powerful editor to manage all the code. Apart from that, you can also perform other functions such as auto-code completion and syntax highlighting.

Platform Independence

Platform independence is one of the keys to the popularity of this programming language. Python is supported by several platforms including Linux, macOS, and Windows. The Python code can be used to create executable programs for different operating systems.

Apart from that, the developers can also use powerful graphics processing units to train their ML models and projects. Python is platform-independent and this makes it quite inexpensive and easier to implement.

Huge Developer Community

The online repositories contain over 150,000 customized Python software packages. Scientific Python packages such as NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib can be easily installed onto a program running on Python. These packages cater to machine learning and help the developers in detecting the patterns of big data. Python is very reliable and Google uses it for crawling the web pages, Spotify uses it for recommending songs, and Pixar uses it for producing movies.

The Python ML community is huge across the globe. There are several Python forums and an active talent pool related to Machine Learning solutions. You can find all the guidance from the developers and experts.

Final Verdict

Intelligent recommendation systems, obstacle detection, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, fraud detection systems, and other use-cases are possible because of Python and its capability to streamline the development operations. Product owners want to build intuitive applications that can have a glimpse of the future of technology. A complex ML project requires algorithms that can intelligently process the information and make the software act like humans.

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